NYU TorchTech

When I first started at NYU a year ago I heard about a group on campus making waves. NYU TorchTech was a relatively new group, and I started attending all of their events. Soon enough I was invited to help with social media efforts around events.

I helped plan the strategies for our Share Fair and UnMeeting events. At our largest event of the year I shot some video to produce a promo video for the group. We are still working to get new participants and volunteers, so I decided to put my video skills to work and video that could help people understand what the group is all about.

Check it out!

It’s so refreshing having a localized community of professionals to meet and learn from on a regular basis. Working at a large and de-centralized university proves it difficult to meet colleagues, but TorchTech brings us all together under the same interests in innovation. I’m excited to be the community manager for @nyutorchtech and work to produce future Twitter chats, videos, and online community engagement campaigns.

Kitty in the City

A year ago I wrote about a little video that David and I made together. I would have never imagined we would be showing it in front of an audience, let alone be a part of some of the local NYC publications, next to the likes of celeb cats like Lil Bub.

Both the NY Daily News published this fun article and the NY Post published this article featuring some of the New York cat owners on Thursday, October 24, 2013.

FYI Just found out that the NY Daily News is the most circulated publication in the country. So, there’s that.

What was extra surreal was picking up the physical copy of the Daily News and seeing this…

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