LinkedIn Publisher

I have a lot of places to write my thoughts. This website focuses on my professional experience and my portfolio of work. Okie in NYC is my personal blog where I write about everything from Ice T to cats.

Then I got an email from LinkedIn about a new outlet for my opinions.

LinkedIn Email

“I think the world gets enough of me—I don’t have that much to say,” I thought. HA! I’m fooling myself…I’m always blabbing away.

Plus, I check LinkedIn on a daily basis—they’ve got me hooked. I’m always finding great articles to read, or industry news to share. Not to mention, the app is awesome.

As a LinkedIn writer, now I have a new outlet for my thoughts. This one is more focused on professional development, career, and industry thoughts. Should be a fun project to connect with people in a new way.

Follow me on LinkedIn and read (hopefully “like”) my first post

NYU TorchTech

When I first started at NYU a year ago I heard about a group on campus making waves. NYU TorchTech was a relatively new group, and I started attending all of their events. Soon enough I was invited to help with social media efforts around events.

I helped plan the strategies for our Share Fair and UnMeeting events. At our largest event of the year I shot some video to produce a promo video for the group. We are still working to get new participants and volunteers, so I decided to put my video skills to work and video that could help people understand what the group is all about.

Check it out!

It’s so refreshing having a localized community of professionals to meet and learn from on a regular basis. Working at a large and de-centralized university proves it difficult to meet colleagues, but TorchTech brings us all together under the same interests in innovation. I’m excited to be the community manager for @nyutorchtech and work to produce future Twitter chats, videos, and online community engagement campaigns.

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